Mark Gingerich Plein Air/Studio Workshops 2017

Plein air still life painting.

Friday/Saturday 2-day workshops in May

Beginning Oil Painting: May 5 & 6 Students who are new to oil painting will be introduced to this versatile and forgiving medium. Starting with simple exercises, students will explore representational painting from still life set ups. Mark will demonstrate how to build a painting in a step by step process that students can observe and learn from. The class will cover the fundamentals of good design and drawing as well as color and edge relationships. No experience is necessary. Lunch will be provided.

Plein Air Painting: May 12 & 13 Setting up an easel in the outdoors is always a challenging and sometimes daunting endeavor. Yet this practice has been employed for centuries in order to experience and express in paint on canvas the essential qualities that inspire the painter. Mark will demonstrate his approach to oil painting in the open air and guide students in the process. This class will cover design and drawing, color and edge relationships. Some drawing experience is helpful. Lunch will be provided.

Still Life Painting: May 19 & 20 Setting up a still life is the most important and hardest part of painting a still life. Mark will guide students in the set-up process and demonstrate painting the still life in oil paint. This class will go over the fundamentals of sound representational painting: drawing, composition, color and edges. Some drawing experience is helpful. Lunch will be provided.

Impressionist Techniques: May 26 & 27 The great impressionist painters, Pissarro, Monet and Cassatt, are admired for their bold, spontaneous application of paint, and how they were able to transfer to their canvases the beauty of time and place in a convincing and mesmerizing fashion. Mark will demonstrate how to apply this manner of paint application to canvas using brushes, palette knives and even fingers. The class will also cover the foundational aspects of painting in terms of drawing, design, color and edge relationships. Some drawing and painting experience is helpful. Lunch will be provided.

To register for a workshop: Send a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 at least one month in advance of the workshop to: Mark Gingerich 2085 Taylor Blair Rd. West Jefferson, Oh 43162. A supply list will be sent upon receiving a deposit.